Food like never before.

Taste Himachali Cuisine

Delicacies of Kangra: Cooked in special occasions. Food is served on fresh tree leaves Patal, while the guest sitting on floor.

KHATTA MEAN:Tender  meat cooked in traditional pot(Bhadu or Charoti)  with local Ammchoor, burnt whole walnut with shell(gives Smokey flavor & colour) Little hand crushed sonf & touch of gud(to balance the sourness). Served with plain rice.

TELIA MAHA:Whole black Maha Dal with little Rajmah cooked little dry in mustard oil. Dry Dal & mustard flavor gives totally different taste then regular Dal Makhani.

PALDA:Sort of Punjabi kadi but more of curd with buttermilk, less of Besan & without pakora(instead cauliflower is used)  makes Palda different than Panjabi kadi.

MADRA: Served in the beginning.Different types of Madra are served: White Chana or Rajmaha or Mukand Wari or dry dates or Seasonal vegetable Lungru Madra.Cooked only with curd & spices distinguish it from normally cooked same dishes.

AURI GREEN MOONG DAL: Green moong dal cooked with hand made mustard paste. Mustard paste gives tangy flavor & taste.

MEETHA BHAAT: Basmati rice cooked in sugar syrup & desi ghee along with dry fruits, served at last as dessert.

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